Getting Started with Aligners

Starting your Smile journey with Straight My Teeth is very simple. First, you will receive the Impression Kit which helps you in taking your dental impressions at home. Once you send us the impression back, our specialized team of orthodontists prescribes the perfect treatment plan. Once you get onboard with your new smile, your custom-made aligners will be delivered to you to mold your teeth into their new position.

Things To Know About Getting Invisible Braces Online

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Most of the people to correct their smile and straighten their teeth get teeth braces, but many adults may not prefer putting the metal or ceramic braces in their mouth. Moreover, the braces cost for the traditional or lingual braces can be quite high as compared to the invisible braces, available in the market

Wear Clear Aligners To Get Perfect Wedding Smile

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A wedding day approaching and she needs to smile for the best for everyone. Although she has been looked at or perhaps everyone wanted to see her smile, Tiara - waited all her life just for that evening - Isn't it strange that she can’t smile at the very moment she has been waiting

4 Habits That Cause Crooked Teeth

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If we had a penny for everytime someone didn't smile fully out of shame for displaying their crooked teeth..! It also doesn't help that crooked teeth offer a sanctuary for harmful bacteria to settle and grow in your mouth. Don't you just wish you could stop your teeth from moving into a crooked position. While

Mia O’Shea’s Experience with Clear Aligners

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Meet Mia O’Shea, a very valuable addition to Straight My Teeth Family. She, like many other of our valuable patrons, was looking for affordable and convenient way to straighten her teeth that didn’t involve wired braces. So she stumbled upon us and it has been quite a journey. Tag along and read on. Finding Straight

Stuart Cunningham’s Teeth Straightening Journey

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Straightening one’s teeth has always been a daunting task for people. Getting wired braces that took over 2 years to straighten teeth was an option people resorted to thanks to lack of alternatives. However now getting that perfect smile is easier than ever. The good news is that people can get custom made clear aligners

Why Straight My Teeth Aligners are the People’s Choice when it comes to creating that perfect smile!

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At Straight My Teeth we strive to bring your Dream Smile to life with utmost convenience and at an affordable cost. But it is sum of many benefits that has resulted in being everyone’s prefered choice to straightening their teeth. Straighten your teeth in under a year. While it varies from patient to patient but