Invisible Clear Braces vs Wire Braces

Published Date:
September 21, 2021
Updated Date:
September 21, 2021
Reading Time: 7:min
Published Date:
September 21, 2021
Updated Date:
September 21, 2021
Reading Time: 7:min

Orthodontic treatment aims to align your poorly positioned teeth to optimize the benefits you derive from them. Two common methods of aligning teeth are Invisible clear braces and Wire braces. Both clear braces clear and wire braces are used to solve a dental problem. Let’s compare the features of both forms of orthodontic treatment to understand their features better.

Both the treatments are often associated with younger children, but this is not always the case because even adults can use the treatment to realign their teeth.

Wire Braces

Wire braces are made of metal, and are traditionally attached to the outside of the teeth. Although, there are different options available today most braces include metal wires and rubber bands. These components are added to the brackets of your teeth to help adjust the teeth formation and realign them naturally.


The one benefit of wire braces is that they are suitable for everyone, no matter how serious your case is. Wearing metallic braces is bound to get a result and fix each problem, so that you return with an incredible smile at the end of the treatment.

Many orthodontists believe that wire braces can reach a better result than clear braces. Given the metallic components involved braces have more strength to deal with the dental problem.

As a user you also have the benefit of choosing from multiple types of braces. The new forms of braces that include lingual and ceramic braces now ensure that braces are less noticeable.

This means that it is possible to benefit from the power of braces without having the metal look that is a concern for many people

Invisible Clear braces

Invisible Clear braces make use of plastic aligners to control the formation of the teeth and to realign them naturally. Orthodontists customize aligners naturally by making a 3D scan of the mouth and by moving the teeth in the natural direction to ensure that the correct position of the aligner is reached.


The main advantage of clear braces is that they look better in comparison to braces. Adult patients love the fact that their clients and coworkers cannot notice that they are going through an orthodontic treatment. Even self conscious teens prefer this option, as it gets the job done without them becoming the talk of the town.

Another benefit of Straight My Teeth invisible clear aligners is that patients can take out the plastic retainers when it is time to eat or have lunch. This means that the users don’t have to change what they eat or how they eat. On the contrary people using braces find some foods really difficult to eat.

Another benefit of clear braces is that unlike metallic braces you will not have to visit the consultant regularly. Major chunk of the work happens before you wear your aligners. Once the plastic retainers are in your mouth you don’t have to visit the orthodontics for regular adjustments.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, clear braces are comfortable to wear as moving the teeth around is not painful with the aligners in place.

Clear Invisible braces cost is not the only reason people favor them over metal braces. Their appearance, comfort and overall feasibility make them a clear choice for teeth straightening.

Comparing both the types of treatment, it is fair to say that Straight My Teeth invisible clear aligners are a better option to consider.

Difference between clear braces and metal braces

Clear braces cost is not the only reason people favor them over metal braces. Their appearance, comfort and overall feasibility make them a clear choice for teeth straightening.

Differences Clear Braces Metal Braces
Look Wise Clear braces are transparent Metal braces are are easily visible
Attachment Clear braces can be easily removed whenever you want. Metal braces are fixed and can be removed only by your orthodontist.
Food Restriction No food restrictions if you choose clear braces. With metal braces you can only eat soft foods and no hard foods because if you eat hard foods there are chances of wire coming out and then you have to rush to the dentist’s office.
Oral hygiene With clear braces, you can simply take out and brush your teeth. Difficult to brush and floss your teeth. Sometimes the food gets stuck in metal wires.
Comfort Clear braces are comfortable and easy to wear. Metal braces are very painful and sometimes cut the surface of your mouth.
Duration Depending on the severity of cases. It takes 6 to 11 months to complete the treatment Metal braces need to be worn 24*7 and take 2 to 3 year to complete the treatment
Cost of braces Cost of clear braces is £999.00 Metal braces cost starts from £3000.00

Contact us here at Straight My Teeth  so we together can find out the best treatment option for straightening your teeth!


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