4 Habits That Cause Crooked Teeth

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1. Poor Diet Eating unhealthy foods can weaken your teeth because they don’t contain the correct amount of vitamins. Food which contains fiber such as fruits, vegetables, etc. is good because it toughens up your gums and helps remove plaque off your teeth. On the other hand, anything high in sugar has a bad effect

Mia O’Shea’s Experience with Clear Aligners

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Meet Mia O’Shea, a very valuable addition to Straight My Teeth Family. She, like many other of our valuable patrons, was looking for affordable and convenient way to straighten her teeth that didn’t involve wired braces. So she stumbled upon us and it has been quite a journey. Tag along and read on. Finding Straight

How to get your teeth fix with straight my teeth aligner?

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Do you hide your teeth in photos? Are you embarrassed, and lacking confidence, to smile? Do you smile with your mouth closed to avoid letting others see your teeth? Are there couple of things you wish that can be fixed, yet you don't want to pay a large number of Euros or sit from beginning

The effect of water on your teeth

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Healthy eating habits to keep your body in good shape is a must. Eating habits play a major role when it comes to oral health. It affects your oral health and determines how your teeth look. Maintain your oral health by drinking clean water which is the healthiest way to strengthen your teeth. Water contains

Painless Gum Disease can cost you a TOOTH

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Mouth is a busy place and has many bacteria which are constantly on the move. Some of these bacteria can affect the teeth and gums. Bacterial growth that gradually destroy the tissue surrounding and supporting the teeth can lead to gum disease problems.Some of the symptoms that can be considered as the warning sign for

Teeth brushing is a fun activity now!

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Brushing Teeth is a part of our daily routine and can soon make us say ‘I feel bored whenever I hold the toothbrush’. This is the first thought of the day that makes us stand with lack of interest. Tackle your teeth with some teeth brushing habits to make it the most exciting part of

Why is everyone ditching the Traditional Braces for Clear Aligners?

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When one thinks of the most awkward childhood phase of their lives, an image of themselves in dental braces pops in mind. Nobody ever liked wearing wires in their mouth and rightly so. The wires and brackets used with braces used to cause discomfort and regular re-adjustment of braces gave pain for a day or

How much does Straightening Your Teeth Cost?

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Gone are the times when only teens and pre teens were the only ones who opted for orthodontics treatment. With more than 220,000 children and adults in England, Scotland and Wales starting orthodontic treatment in 2017, it is clear more and more adults are getting their smiles fixed, too. Increasing number of adults getting braces

How do you naturally whiten your teeth at home?

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Discoloration of teeth is probably everyone’s worst nightmare that actually comes true. Your teeth naturally turn yellow as you age, with the consumption of teeth staining consumables, foods that supports the growth of bacteria, etc. All the bacteria in our mouth, which can even turn into plaque, results in erosion of outermost layer of your

Why clear aligners are the best bet to Straighten your Teeth

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Traditional braces have never been an easy option to straighten your teeth, given the restrictions on eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Not to mention the discomfort of having wires in your mouth all the time whose presence is always felt; braces were always a method people chose out of sheer lack of alternatives. Enter Clear