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Why Your Dentist Wants You To Chew Gum

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Remember when your teachers used to tell you off for chewing gum? Well, little did they know that it is actually good for you? Turns out, chewing gum actually has a host of health benefits, not only for your teeth but for your overall health too. Studies have shown that chewing sugar-free gum can

What Is Periodontal Gum Disease?

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Nowadays, the majority of people are taking better care of their teeth than ever. But often, people only actually know the basics when it comes to dental care. We know that we should brush our teeth for two minutes in the morning and for two minutes before we go to bed. We know that

Value of elderly dental care and why it matters

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As we age there are a number of changes that occur in our bodies, as well as a number of things that we can let fall slightly by the wayside. However, when we age, letting our dental health slip is something that we can’t afford to do. Our dental health is connected to the health

The Link Between Gum Disease and Heart Health

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For many years, the connection between gum disease and heart disease has been investigated. Research has suggested that people with poor oral health such as those with gum disease are at risk of developing valve or coronary heart disease or making their cardiovascular condition worse. What is gum disease? With gum disease (also referred