Straighter Teeth Vanity or Necessity

Invisible aligners have proved to be a great addition in an orthodontist kit. The system of invisible plastic strips aligning your teeth perfectly has appealed to numerous people for obvious reasons. People don’t want metallic rods covering their teeth anymore, because although they get the job done, they don’t look as good.

The revolutionary treatment has made massive inroads in the dental care industry because of the better aesthetics it provides to the users. Use of invisible aligners can make your smile look breathtaking without many people noticing the treatment.

However, when discussing the need for straighter teeth, people often come across references which likens the need for straighter teeth with that of looking good or enhancing the smile. While straightening the teeth may have a positive effect on the overall look, it’s not just done for cosmetic reasons, and actually has many other dental advantages.

Straighter teeth, contrary to popular opinion, are not just a superficial treatment, but are in fact a necessity. The following list of illnesses that invisible aligners can cure proves the need for straighter teeth.


An overbite occurs when the upper teeth closes in too far in front of the bottom teeth. This makes chewing a problem, leading to a host of other health problems for the patient.

The use of invisible aligners shapes the teeth in such a manner that they don’t get in the way of each other when the mouth is closed.

Wide Gaps In Teeth

A spacing issue occurs when you have a gap between two or more teeth. This excess space is a problem because food gets caught between the teeth and the gums, very often leading to pain and gum diseases.

Invisible aligners can work towards ensuring that you get rid of the spaces between the teeth. However, there are limitations to the space that can be closed.

Crowded Teeth

Another common problem is the issue of crowded teeth. When there is not enough room to accommodate all your teeth, it can overlap and twist.

This is known as crowding, as the reduced space between the teeth causes the food to get stuck. This causes the buildup of tartar and plaque, which can build up into a gum disease resulting in tooth decay.

However, invisible aligners work only on some cases of crowded teeth. Their performance depends on the severity and complexity of the problem at hand.

Open Bite

An open bite is another problem that can cause great unrest. Invisible aligners are good for fixing an open bite too. This happens when the upper and the lower teeth don’t meet, causing great inefficiency while chewing.

Invisible aligners move both the upper teeth and the lower teeth in a manner that they close correctly, providing you with much straighter teeth, and that too without much inconvenience.

As a patient, it is essential for you to note that although invisible aligners can correct all the issues mentioned above, Each case is different, and the treatment also depends on the severity of the issue at hand.

So remember that when you’re straightening your teeth, you’re not only making your smile more attractive, you are making sure that smile will last you.

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