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How do we Straighten your Teeth?

StraightMyTeeth provides you with the simplest solution to treat your teeth at home. Let us tell you how…

Three Simple Steps
Step 1

Let’s get a closer look at your teeth.

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Take a 30-Second Free Assessment to find out if our Aligner Treatment is the right solution to straighten your teeth! It also helps us figure out how we can best help you to get your perfect smile. Once you are accepted to go ahead with the treatment, you jump to…

Step 2

Dental Impressions for Smile Set Up

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Create your very own dental impression with our at-home Dream Smile Box™? Order Straight My Teeth’s impression kit which contains enough material to take 4 impressions. It comes with Postage to and from you, Orthodontist Prescription, Disposable Gloves, Cheek Retractor. With your impressions, we create a Smile projection for you, along with your complete treatment plan.

Step 3

Get. Set. Align.

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Once you get on board with your new smile, you can then order your Aligners which are made to mould your teeth into their new positions. No Doctor visits or messy braces required. Go about your day while your aligners do their job. And voila! Your dream smile will be attainable in about 6 to 14 Months.

Crystal Clear Look
Gumline Trimmed Edges
Fast Delivery

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Our Guarantee

100% money back guarantee if our orthodontists determines that you are not a right fit for Straight My Teeth aligners.

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Getting your Teeth Straightened has never been easier.

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