Smile White

Smile White Aligners stands out with its hybrid model, boasting a network of over 400 affiliated dentists across the nation. This innovative approach provides the convenience of fewer dental visits while ensuring that even the most complex malocclusions are expertly treated by a team of skilled UK dental professionals.



Treatment of all major bite problems
Expensive than 100% remote treatment
Fewer in-office visits
40% more affordable than Invisalign

Who Can Benefit from Smile White Aligners?

Whether you're looking to straighten crooked teeth, close gaps, or correct bite issues, Smile White Aligners provides a convenient and effective solution. Moreover, their affordability in comparison to Invisalign makes them accessible to a broader audience, ensuring that more people can achieve their desired smile transformation without breaking the bank.

Smile White Aligners vs Invisalign

Smile White does give a fair competition to Invisalign with its wide range of treatment options, covering all classes of malocclusions. Smile White carves a niche for those who are drawn towards innovation and material excellence. The utilization of Zendura® FLX technology and OdourBlock™ materials positions Smile White as a beacon for those seeking advancements in clear aligner technology and a more pleasant treatment experience.

On the other hand, Invisalign, with its extensive history and global network, offers a sense of security and accessibility that is hard to overlook. Its widespread acceptance among dental professionals provides a testament to its effectiveness and reliability.

The choice ultimately hinges on what one values more: the proven track record and vast professional network of Invisalign or the cutting-edge technology and focus on user comfort offered by Smile White. Each pathway offers its own set of advantages, shaping a decision that is as personal as the smile it seeks to perfect.

Smile White


Costs £1,695 to £3,695
Sticker price depends on the dentist (Avg.  £2,500 to £4,500)
Doesn’t have night-only option
Doesn’t have night-only option
Treats all classes of malocclusions
Treats all classes of malocclusions
Free teeth whitening kit and retainers
Can move all teeth including molars
Only 3 in-office visits are required
Requires office visit every 4-6 weeks
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