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I wish I bought from Straight My Teeth Sooner!

I wanted my teeth aligned for years but it was just too expensive from my Orthodontist. I started to research company’s offering teeth alignment services online and Straight My Teeth was the best price and value for money I could find.

I was unsure at first whether to trust an online company but Straight My Teeth were really understanding of my concerns and sent me a PayPal invoice to assure me further. The whole process of buying my treatment package, through to having my aligners made was so well supported, any queries I had were answered on the same day and the customer service has been excellent in my experience. I would not hesitate to recommend straight my teeth to anyone for its professionalism, quality and affordability. My only regret is I wasted months thinking it over before I purchased myself.

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Nettleham, England

Thank you for my SMILE! I absolutely Love It!

The entire treatment was very confortable. If i compare the aligners with traditional metral braces, in which you get ulcers, rubbing and soreness. You don’t get any of that with these aligners. I was very please with these aligners. Thank you soo much and i’m really happy.

Carl Green

Barnoldswick, England

I discovered ‘Straight my Teeth’ (SMT) during the first lockdown. I had had a brace before and had not always worn a retainer so my teeth had begun to move quite badly. I thought it was worth giving SMT a go as the price was very reasonable; nothing ventured nothing gained!

I was impressed by the service I received. I failed on my first home impressions but had a lovely dentist talk me through the whole process on Zoom and achieved success. The aligners are easy to wear once you get used to them and much less conspicuous than a brace. Sarah, my STM advisor, kept in touch with me regularly and gave me gentle reminders when I forgot to send photos. The whole process was painless and professional and I would definitely recommend it.

Hope the above fits the bill. I actually mean every word of it and have genuinely been impressed. Much better than previous brace.

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Dorothy Wilson

Norwich, England

I have found this aligner treatment an absolute breeze!

I had prepared myself for it to be much more annoying and painful than it has been. My treatment was 10 months long and it went so quick! Straight My Teeth have been great and the whole process at the beginning was so easy.

I didn’t quite get my bottom impression right the first time but they got in touch really quickly and explained clearly where I had gone wrong. The new kit was with me within a week and I did it fine the second time round. The company replied really quickly with each new set of aligners to let me know whether they were ok and when I sometimes forgot to send the pictures, they emailed straight away to check how I was getting on.
I turned down traditional braces during my teens and had regretted it ever since, until I discovered Invisalign. I had a quote through Invisalign and it was no where near my price range! To begin with I was really sceptical about Straight my Teeth because they were so much cheaper but it was the best decision I have ever made! The aligners are so easy to take in and out for meals out etc and are barely noticeable.
I have finished my treatment now so I am just wearing my retainer. I am so so glad I decided on Straight My Teeth, I have so much more confidence and my teeth are just like the smile projection they gave me. Thank you Straight My Teeth!
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Rachel Keith

West Yorkshire

I would say they’re really good at what they do!

The reason I choose StraightMyTeeth clear aligners is that they won’t interfere with my daily routine, no one will notice them and you really feel comfortable wearing them in public. So that’s a really big plus.

Stefan Savic

Nottingham, England

I started my StraightMyTeeth journey a while ago now and I wouldn’t look back which sounds super cheesy but is true. I used to have wire braces as a child and they were horrible. Always made my teeth hurt, my gums bleed, made my bottom lip protrude and do not get me started on the inconvenience of going to the dentist to get them tightened or rewired.

After such a long all deal of having wire braces as soon as I had them off I stopped wearing any kind of braces including my retainer, which eventually lead to my teeth being wonky again.
After feeling self conscious about my teeth for a couple of years after my wire braces I finally decided to take plunge and get aligners. I looked around the market for a while, saw a whole lot of bad reviews about different places and saw prices go from expensive to extortionate. Then I stubbled across StraightMyTeeth. This brand seemed too good to be true….good reviews, cheap prices, it was perfect. I was sceptical at first but after looking at YouTube reviews and reviews online I decided this was the brand for me!
From start to finish my journey with StraightMyTeeth has been amazing. Their customer service through to the actual product has been 5*. I finished my course of 14 top aligners and 18 bottom aligners in around a year and my teeth look stunning again. The aligners are comfy and very invisible making them perfect for the everyday use you need in order to get that dream smile.
StraightMyTeeth included everything you need to get the perfect smile within the price. You get the putty kit right at the beginning (plus free postage), 3D renders of your teeth before and what they’ll look like after (which is so interesting) an assigned dentist who sees you through the smile journey from start to end, the aligners, a storage box to keep them in if you’re eating, retainers for when it’s finished and to top it off a whitening kit. All of this for half the normal market price is crazy.
My smile is finally where I want it to be and it’s all thanks to StraightMyTeeth.
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Eleanor Hoskins

Coventry, England

Before And Happily Ever After

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Miss Anyabolu13 May, 2022


Amazing service and attentiveness

I've had such a great experience so far with Straight My Teeth. The communication with the customer service was super prompt and helpful thanks to Sarah, and the scan appointment was completely pain free and fast.

Looking forward to see the end result, yet, so far I'm absolutely satisfied with the service and level of attentiveness.


Kaz Hayes11 May, 2022


My experience with straight my teeth…

My experience with straight my teeth has been amazing . I am so happy with the result at the end of treatment. My teeth were very overlapped and crooked , due to wearing the insta smile clip in veneers. I now have perfectly straight teeth and highly recommended this treatment and company.


Stacey Brydon10 May, 2022


Excellent results great price

The process of ordering and doing the moulds was pretty easy as you got to have them approved by email to check you’d done them right before sending them off. Bit of a delay getting the aligners to start with but once received I got emails every two weeks asking for progress photos and they were quick to respond to any queries I had.

Really impressed with the final outcome and have recommended a friend.


Freya Langford9 May, 2022


Great service, great value!

I was a bit dubious about using SMT because they were so much cheaper than all thrower competitors. But the process has been excellent and I love my straight teeth now.

Their communication has been excellent by email and on the phone. And they even did a video call with me to advise how to do the casts. Really impressed that they can offer this service so well remotely and with the cost, which is great value.


Leanne Mouat8 May, 2022


Fatima was very helpful doing my zoom…

Fatima was very helpful doing my zoom call for my impressions. It isn’t very easy doing a call to do these but she made me feel at ease .


Elis Luige6 May, 2022


I had an excellent service throughout…

I had an excellent service throughout my StraightMyTeeth journey. I required additional services and was provided them in a timely and very professional manner. Service was excellent and tailored to my needs. I used services of Smile Studio in Staines and they were nothing but excellent and attentive.


Kat5 May, 2022


Great value for money

Great price for what is offered.Not as flashy packaging as other companies but the price is excellent and the results were as I hoped.Would recommend Straight My Teeth to anyone.Great value for money, great results. No complaints.


Leanne Cross3 May, 2022


Highly recommend

Highly recommend, my teeth are exactly how I wanted them and the support you receive throughout the treatment is amazing✨


Stuart Sweatman3 May 2022


I’m really happy with the results

I’m really happy with the results, I’ve never been happy with my teeth as I decided against braces as a teenager so thought I was stuck with them. The night time only braces worked really well for me, and I’ve been happy with the communication throughout the process. I would recommend SMT (and have done) to my friends and anyone else considering treatment.


Rachel Chadwick29 April 2022


Very happy with the final results

Very happy with the final results. Good value for money compared to traditional methods. Would definitely recommend they have made such a difference to my teeth.

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