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Get started with your teeth straightening treatment at the most affordable price with Straight My Teeth clear aligners. Save even more with this one-off payment SmileAdvantage plan!See what it includes.

£1,099.00 £1099 £799

What's Included

Everything you need for that perfect smile.

Get your dream smile in 3 simple steps

Fast, easy and effective.

1 aligner

Start with your risk-free impression kit

Impression kit includes treatment plan designed by the UK registered dentists and free shipping for only £69 .

2 door

Clear aligners on your door step

After approval of your treatment plan, buy your clear aligners in one go at the price of £799 or in easy monthly instalments of £110.00.

3 smile

Maintain your dream smile

After achieving your dream smile, maintain it with a set of complimentary retainers. Achieve your dream smile in a few months with our crystal clear aligners.


100% Guarantee

If our expert dental team determines that our aligner treatment is not the best fit for you, you will be refunded the full cost of your impression kit.

Our Happy Customers!

Straight from the smiles we created!


Just for your Smile!

Great News, it’s 60% to 70% cheaper than other aligners and clear braces! Our impression kit together with StraightMyTeeth Smile Projection is £89 £69. This stage is to make sure you are satisfied with the preview results, before you get started and commit any further. After that, the treatment cost is fixed at £799 (for both top and bottom arches) and includes a set of removable retainers at the end of your treatment.

Please consult the price breakdown on our pricing page. If you pay in one go, the treatment costs you £1099 £799 altogether. But if you choose to pay in instalments, the treatment is payable in 12 monthly instalments of £110.00.

Yes, the price includes both bottom and top teeth.

90 reviews for SmileAdvantage

  1. Elijah Schultz

    Straight My Teeth aligners come with such clear instructions and are so comfortable. They are so much more affordable than Invisalign and their customer service is also so quick to respond. Would highly reccomend Straight My Teeth for anyone looking for clear aligners!

  2. Rachael (verified owner)

    My daughter wasn’t eligible for NHS treatment so we used straight my teeth. She is extremely happy with the results. Pretty sure, at time of writing, they are the cheapest aligners on the market. I paid £4000 to have mine straightened using Invisalign with my dentist. Paid less than a quarter of that to use the same system with straight my teeth. 100% recommend.

  3. Thomas Ward

    This is the future of teeth straightening. Give them a go.

  4. Loren Bridgart

    Excellent !!! Very very good. Very helpful very responsive and most importantly it’s a very easy process!

    Thank you straight My Teeth!!

  5. Lorna ibbotson

    Thank you, Fantastic customer service. Straight my teeth were brilliant and knew exactly what I needed.I strongly recommend straight my teeth.

  6. Laura Banks

    I am only 40% through my treatment, but I am already very happy with everything from this company so far. The price is great compared to the same treatment through a dentist, the aligners are really hard to notice and many have been surprised when I have told them I am wearing aligners. Couldn’t be happier, so glad I took the chance and went for it.

  7. Ayoo

    I had perfect teeth in just a short 8 months. I never had any issues with Straight my teeth and would highly recommend them to anyone.

  8. Marco Thomas

    The first few days of the treatment I was having a slight discomfort with my Straight My Teeth Aligners, but eventually they settled perfectly in my mouth. Overall, I loved my experince and am happy with my results so far.

    • StraightMyTeeth Team

      Thanks so much Marco! We love reading your review and how this treatment has transformed your self-esteem; we’re very grateful you chose us and thank you for the kind words 🙂

  9. Lorene Mitchell

    I wore braces for more than 3 years but couldn’t stick with so many restrictions and those uncomfortable retainers. But I am glad I could work with these aligners and I happy with the progress so far!

    • StraightMyTeeth Team

      Thanks so much Lorene! Chuffed to hear that, thanks for trusting us with your smile.

  10. Hayley Windsor

    Such a good surprise ! Aligners are honestly really comfortable and truly invisible, at least for the others (nobody noticed I was wearing them). Don’t hesitate, it changed my smile just like it changed my life !

    • StraightMyTeeth Team

      Thank you so much Hayley! Thanks for your kind recommendation.

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