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NightOnly Clear Aligners by Straight My Teeth will help you straighten your teeth with just 8-10 hours of constant wear. Get started with the most affordable night time aligners in UK with the NightAdvantage plan.See what it includes.

£1,199.00 £1249 £899

What's Included

Everything you need for that perfect smile.

Get your dream smile in 3 simple steps

Fast, easy and effective.

1 aligner

Start with your risk-free impression kit

Impression kit includes treatment plan designed by the UK registered dentists and free shipping for only £69 .

2 door

NightOnly Clear Aligners on your door step

After approval of your treatment plan, buy your clear aligners in one go at the price of £899 or in easy monthly instalments of £125.00.

3 smile

Maintain your dream smile

After achieving your dream smile, maintain it with a set of complimentary retainers. Achieve your dream smile in a few months with our crystal clear aligners.


100% Guarantee

If our expert dental team determines that our aligner treatment is not the best fit for you, you will be refunded the full cost of your impression kit.

Our Happy Customers!

Straight from the smiles we created!


Just for your Smile!

Great News, it’s 60% to 70% cheaper than other aligners and clear braces! Our impression kit together with StraightMyTeeth Smile Projection is £89 £69. This stage is to make sure you are satisfied with the preview results, before you get started and commit any further. After that, the NightOnly Clear Aligners treatment cost is fixed at £1199 £899 (for both top and bottom arches) and includes a set of removable retainers at the end of your treatment.

Please consult the price breakdown on our pricing page. If you pay in one go, the NightOnly Clear Aligners treatment costs you £1199 £899 altogether. But if you choose to pay in instalments, the treatment is payable in 12 monthly instalments of £125.00.

Yes, the price includes both bottom and top teeth.

31 reviews for NightAdvantage

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    Amazing service. Seriously this the new technology for teeth straightening is unbelievable. This is how dental alignment should be in the 21st century. The team is very responsive and very friendly. Thank you StraightMyTeeth and team for changing my lifestyle

    • StraightMyTeeth Team

      Thank you so much Robert! Delighted with your comments about the support you’ve received and the fact you’re super happy with our product. keep smiling

  2. Ansar bi

    Got gap on front top tooth am stressed

    • admin

      Try night aligner and we are so confident that Straightmyteeth aligners will leave you grinning

  3. Saiqa Awan

    Best decision I have made choosing straightmyteeth night aligners. Seriously no pain and very comfortable to wear. I am on step 8 and very happy with the treatment. Highly recommended!!!

    • admin

      Thanks so much Saiqa! So pleased to hear about your positive experience and happy with the results so far.

  4. Saida

    All the process is simple: if you’re suitable for the nightonly clear aligners, they will send you everything at home, will monitor your progress monthly and are always available in between for questions. Worked really well for me.

    • StraightMyTeeth Team

      Thanks so much Saida! Great to hear you are satisfied with the process through expertise and care, it means a lot to us.

  5. Emma

    My experience with StraightMyTeeth nightonly clear aligner has been great. I have achieved the desired results. Throughout the treatment, their customer service was extremely helpful and cooperative.

    • StraightMyTeeth Team

      Thanks so much Emma! We really appreciate your comments and are so glad you’ve had a great experience with us.

  6. Davide Filosa

    Thank you StraightMyTeeth for making this transformation possible! I’m surprised how easy the whole process is. I used to always hide my teeth when smiling and the fact that I don’t hide them anymore makes me very happy. I chose nightonly clear aligners and every day I woke up I used to see a slight difference in my teeth and now I am seriously happy with my smile.

    • StraightMyTeeth Team

      Thanks so much Davide! This is incredible to hear and an honour to have been a part of your transformation and we hope this brings a lot of happiness in your life.

  7. Inhoa Sánchez

    Its a great service and even more confortable than visiting a dentist. Thank you for arrange a video call session to make good impressions without visiting to the dentist office. Results are great, no difference with others.

    • StraightMyTeeth Team

      Thanks so much Inhoa! Delighted to hear you’re happy with our service and thank you for pointing out that we offer more then aligners.

  8. Andres Ramirez

    I’m very happy with the night aligners and every aspect of service, interaction with customer care and so on has been very good.

    • StraightMyTeeth Team

      Thanks so much Andres! Over the moon with your feedback and very pleased you’ve found the whole process convenient.

  9. Sophie peace

    So far Straightmyteeth has been very easy and fast! The communication is great and keep me informed on the process. I am excited for this journey.
    Lets see how night aligners work.

    • StraightMyTeeth Team

      Thanks so much Sophie! We love your comments about our customer service and we are very confident that straightmyteeth night only clear aligners will leave you grinning.

  10. Hetty

    Thank you straightmyteeth for introducing night aligners for the people who are very shy and dont want anyone to know that we are straightening our teeth. Superb company and very friendly. Highly recommend

    • StraightMyTeeth Team

      Thanks so much Hetty! That means a lot to us, we definitely try our best to offer a pleasant and efficient service and deeply care about your experience and results so it’s great to hear you’re happy with both. We are very confident that straightmyteeth night only clear aligners will leave you grinning.

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