Is teeth Straightening Painful With Aligners Or Braces?

Teeth straightening is not only limited to teenagers or youngsters, but with the help of proper orthodontic treatment, the adults can also correct their crooked misaligned teeth. The teeth straightening for adults can either be done with the help of traditional braces or invisible aligners.

But the common question that arises in everyone’s mind is that, are clear braces or invisible aligners painful? Yes, to some extent, you can feel a little bit of discomfort while wearing these aligners as your mouth will be experiencing a sudden change. There is nothing to worry as these invisible aligners are customized according to your teeth and orthodontic problem so they will fit the same. The pain can persist for a day or two as your teeth are adhering to the new treatment. While getting the traditional metal braces the pain can remain for more than two days or a week. The reason being the teeth are aligned according to the metal wire, and this can lead to soreness and pain.

Why Clear Braces or Aligners Hurt?

The invisible aligners are based on the technology that aligns your teeth accordingly. As they are working on your teeth from outside by putting pressure, so it can cause a little discomfort. The pain may remain for the first two days probably, and after that, your teeth will adhere to them.

But, why do these aligners or clear braces hurt? Here are some of the pointers:

  • The teeth are adjusting to new aligner trays that the patient has to switch every two weeks.
  • The outside pressure and pain depict the invisible aligners are working on your teeth.
  • Unless your mouth gets habitual of wearing them, the gums and the tongue will feel some irritation.

These clear braces may hurt, but you can tell that aligners are doing their work. It is not at all complicated and more painful like the traditional braces. Moreover, you can even remove them while you are eating or consuming any drinks or brushing your teeth. The clear braces help in molding your teeth structure perfectly so it will cause a mild pain.

Straight My Teeth understands these issuses very well and have tried their best to eliminate any inconvenience in your aligner treatment. You will get bespoke and snug-fit aligners, that will be designed to achieve optimum results.

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