Diamond Whites

Diamond Whites Aligners adopts a hybrid model with over 60 pop-up scan locations nationwide. This unique approach ensures that while you have easy access to physical locations for scans, your progress is closely monitored by a team of skilled UK dental professionals remotely.



Choice between digital scans and at-home impression kit
Retainers not included
General Dental Council (GDC)-registered dentists
Only one permanent clinic
Night aligners option is available
Not suitable for complex cases
Weekly digital check-ins

Who Can Benefit from DW Aligners?

DW Aligners is perfect for those with mild to moderate malocclusion issues, such as gaps or overlapping teeth. However, it's important to ensure your dental health is in good shape before beginning treatment. Plus, with options for both in-person visits and remote monitoring, DW Aligners offers flexibility to suit your lifestyl

DW Aligners vs Invisalign

While Invisalign is a well-known brand in the clear aligner market, DW Aligners offer a more affordable alternative without compromising on quality. While Invisalign aligners are made from a patented SmartTrack material, DW Aligners are crafted from high-quality, clear plastic, providing a similar level of comfort and effectiveness. Additionally, DW Aligners offer the flexibility of choosing between Standard and night time options, accommodating different lifestyles and preferences. 

It's also important to note that DW Aligners are best suited for treating mild to moderate dental issues, while Invisalign is capable of addressing a wider range of complexities, from mild to complex cases. Therefore, individuals with more severe dental concerns may find Invisalign more suitable, whereas DW Aligners provide an excellent solution for those seeking affordable treatment for mild to moderate misalignments.

Diamond Whites


Costs £1,490 to £1,850
Sticker price depends on the dentist (Avg.  £2,500 to £4,500)
Offers night time aligners
Doesn’t have night-only option
Treats mild to moderate issues
Treats all classes of malocclusions
Focuses primarily on first 6-8 teeth
Can move all teeth including molars
Remote weekly check-ins
Requires office visit every 4-6 weeks
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