Dr Smile

Dr Smile adopts a unique approach by offering a free initial appointment and a non-binding treatment plan, allowing you to decide whether to proceed with the treatment and pay for the plan. However, their presence is mainly in the mid to south regions like London and Birmingham. To find a nearby provider, you can use their website and enter your postcode.



Free 3D scan and treatment plan
Retainers not included
Mostly remote treatment
No option for at-home impressions
Dr Smile Guarantee on your perfect smile
Not suitable for complex cases

Who Can Benefit from Dr Smile Invisible Aligners?

Dr Smile aligners are a cost-effective option for individuals with mild to complex malocclusions, including overcrowding, overbite, and edge-to-edge bite. Compared to in-office competitors like Invisalign, Dr Smile offers these solutions at a lower price point.

Dr Smile Aligners vs Invisalign

Dr Smile and Invisalign are both clear aligner systems, yet they exhibit notable differences. While Invisalign relies heavily on doctors for close patient monitoring, Dr Smile employs its app for remote supervision.

Moreover, Dr Smile offers treatment for a wide range of teeth misalignments, from mild to complex, at a more affordable price compared to Invisalign. In contrast, Invisalign boasts the ability to address 90% of dental malocclusions with its clear aligner system. Additionally, Invisalign has a stronger presence in the UK compared to Dr Smile.

Dr Smile


Costs £1,390 to £2,090
Sticker price depends on the dentist (Avg. £2,500 to £5,500)
Remote supervision via app
In-person appointments every 4-6 weeks
ClearQuartz™ material
SmartTrack thermoplastic
Focuses primarily on first 6-8 teeth
Treats all classes of malocclusions
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