Do Clear Braces actually work?

Anybody who is dreaming about a straight Hollywood smile knows that it’s an impossible dream. Teeth straightening procedures can be expensive. Besides, as an adult, you might feel that you’ve missed your chance to get corrective braces. 

But, in reality, there is another solution to make your Hollywood dream smile come true. Indeed, if you are hesitant to wear metal braces as an adult, there’s a way around your problems. Indeed, most people worry that metal braces could be embarrassing in an adult’s mouth. However, clear braces could be the solution you need. If you are wondering whether clear braces could help you achieve a straight smile as effectively as metal braces would, here’s a quick overview of why more and more braces wearers opt for clear solutions. 

What are clear braces?

Clear braces are almost invisible braces that can correct some of the most common smile issues, namely gapped and crooked teeth. They are fully custom-made to fit your teeth. Clear braces wearers get an impression kit sent at home by a UK-based dentist or orthodontist, which means that the braces are moulded to their unique teeth and ready to wear in no time. 

Additionally, because of their shape and material, clear braces can be easily removed at any time. Unlike metal braces which need professional equipment to remove, you can take off clear braces whenever you want. 

How do clear braces work?

The most important question you need answering is whether clear braces can help you to achieve the same result than metal braces. The answer is yes. Because the teeth straightening process consists of wearing teeth aligners, the custom-made braces do essentially the same job than metal ones. They are fully MHRA and FDA approved, making them safe to use. Besides, while metal braces need to be worn for, on average, a period of 2 to 3 years, clear braces can redress your teeth in a much shorter period. Additionally, you can remove the braces to brush your teeth, which means you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck inside, unlike metal braces wearers. 

Do I need to wear braces all the time?

You can choose to wear your clear braces during daytime or nighttime. Depending on the alignment required and the prolonged wear, you may need to wear your clear braces every day or night for a period of 6 to 14 months. It’s typically a shorter period than with metal braces. You’re also less likely to experience pain and discomfort as the braces are entirely customised. In other words, you can carry on with your lifestyle without any disruption! 

Are clear braces expensive?

Your clear braces cost starts at £999. For comparison, that’s about a third of what you would spend on metal braces. Their affordable cost doesn’t affect their effectiveness or how they will make you feel. When you can get the smile of your dreams for a portion of the cost in the comfort of your home, the question you need to ask yourself is: what am I still waiting for? 

For anybody uncomfortable with their crooked or gapped smile, clear braces provide not only a reliable and high-quality teeth straightening solution, but it’s also a simple treatment that respects both your wallet and your time.

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