The Link Between Gum Disease and Heart Health

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For many years, the connection between gum disease and heart disease has been investigated. Research has suggested that people with poor oral health such as those with gum disease are at risk of developing valve or coronary heart disease or making their cardiovascular condition worse. What is gum disease? With gum disease (also referred

Your Complete Guide to NightOnly Clear Aligners

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Table of Contents What Are Clear Aligners? Can You Wear Aligners at Night? What’s the Difference Between NightOnly and Regular Clear Aligners? Wear Time Treatment Time Price Benefits of Using NightOnly Clear Aligners Are These Teeth Straightening Method Safe? How to Use Night Braces for Teeth Who’s a Good Candidate for Nighttime Aligners? How

Teeth Shifting: What can you do to stop them

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Noticed that your teeth are moving? It’s not your imagination.Teeth shifting is a natural process that happens to us all. Usually, this shifting is gradual and causes no problems.However, certain factors may cause teeth to shift more rapidly, which may start to become a concern. Teeth may start to move in unwanted directions leading to

6 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Teeth

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Your teeth may be the hardest part of your body, but they can still experience damage. You are probably used to frequently using them for things you don’t think twice about, most of which are not good. You might not know that some of those habits are bad for you, so here are six

Clear Braces: Everything You Wanted to Know About Them

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Did you know that more than half of British adults report being so dissatisfied with their teeth that they avoid smiling altogether? Because they avoid flashing their pearly whites, three in five report suffering from "Posh Spice Syndrome."Unfortunately, feeling self-conscious about your smile comes with much more than comparisons to Victoria Beckham. It can lead

Why Brushing Straight After Drinking Coffee Can Damage Your Teeth

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Do You Like Drinking Coffee? Did you know that brushing your teeth directly after drinking coffee could have a very bad impact? Do you start your day with a big cuppa? You aren't the only one! Approximately 30 million Brits drink coffee every day, yet drinking your espresso every now and again (in excess