Caspersmile offers completely at-home teeth straightening services, boasting a quick and effective treatment duration of 3-5 months. With their low sticker price and exclusive discounts, they provide a convenient and affordable option for those seeking a perfectly aligned smile.



Completely at-home treatment
No in-person consultation
Licensed by Health Canada & U.S FDA-approved
Cannot treat complex cases
Choice between all-day and nightlong aligners
Specified treatment option for single or dual arch

Who Can Benefit from Caspersmile Aligners?

Caspersmile Aligners cater to a wide range of individuals seeking orthodontic treatment. They are primarily designed to correct mild to moderate malocclusions, including overcrowding, gaps between teeth, or misalignment. It's also important to note that Caspersmile Aligners are best suited for individuals over the age of 13 who have all of their permanent teeth.

Caspersmile Vs Invisalign

In the realm of clear aligners, Caspersmile and Invisalign are both strong contenders but when choosing to invest in something so personal such as your smile, it’s important to make an informed decision. Invisalign, a pioneer in the industry can treat all classes of malocclusions, from a very mild misalignment to the most complex case. However, Invisalign treatment is only provided by a dentist and subsequently the cost varies from the doctor to doctor.

Whereas, Caspersmile is a completely at-home teeth straightening solution, offering cost-effective treatment for mild to moderate dental misalignment issues in a shorter time span. Each option comes with its strengths and considerations, so let's explore further to determine which aligner provider will be the best fit for you.



Costs £625 to £995
Sticker price depends on the dentist (Avg.  £2,500 to £4,500)
Offers nightlong aligners
Doesn’t have night-only option
Treats mild to moderate issues
Treats all classes of malocclusions
Focuses primarily on first 6-8 teeth
Can move all teeth including molars
Free first set of retainers
Retainers are to be bought separately
Completely remote treatment
Requires office visit every 4-6 weeks
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