How to Determine Whether You Need Braces?

Published Date:
September 18, 2021
Updated Date:
September 18, 2021
Reading Time: 7:min
Published Date:
September 18, 2021
Updated Date:
September 18, 2021
Reading Time: 7:min

Clear Braces are required to straighten teeth and to solve many types of orthodontic problems. The clear braces help people in getting that great smile back by fixing crooked teeth. These are also used for many cosmetic and oral conditions. But, many questions arise in the mind of a patient while getting the clear braces like how long do I need braces? What will be the braces cost? Will my insurance policy support it? Will the braces solve every kind of orthodontic problem?

Below are a few reasons that will determine whether a person requires braces to straighten their teeth.

Feeling Lower Self-Esteem

The adults who have to cover their mouth while speaking or laughing and they feel self-conscious can opt for adult clear braces or aligners. Most of the times, the adults may feel embarrassed or low self-confidence because of the gappy or crooked teeth.

Having Crooked or Crowded Teeth

If you have noticed crooked or crowded teeth, as in, if they are sideways or overlapping other teeth, then it is the right time to get clear braces. The adults at any age suffering from this problem can also get them fixed with clear braces or invisible aligners. You can also use the customized invisible aligners even if there are bridges or crowns in your mouth. The clear aligners treatment will only not work if there is a severe orthodontic problem.

Problem with Biting

Most of the parents choose braces for their children so that their orthodontic problem can be solved at an early age. But, a few adults may not be lucky enough to receive orthodontic treatment as a child. To solve the problems related to the underbite or overbite or misaligned teeth, the adults can also choose the metal braces to sort out their problems. As braces may cost a little on the expensive side, so you can also select the customized clear aligner from Straight My Teeth, which provides a better treatment at a far reasonable price. The aligners provide more comfort and also solve the orthodontic issues.

Experiencing Pain while Eating or Chewing

The adults who were not able to get braces in their childhood can opt for the adult braces. You can get it in metal, ceramic or any other form. If you are experiencing a problem while chewing food or keeping a good oral hygiene, then this may turn into severe orthodontic issues. It is advisable to see your dentist and get the treatment done. Instead, using metal braces treatment, you can achieve the similar results with Straight My Teeth invisible aligners, you can remove the aligners and eat freely, also maintain a good oral hygiene.

How do we Straighten your Teeth?

Three Simple Steps
Step 1

Let’s get a closer look at your teeth.

Take a 30 Sec Free Assessment to find out if the Aligner Treatment is the right way for you to straighten your teeth! It also helps us figure how best we can help you to get your perfect smile. Once you are cleared to go ahead with the treatment, you jump to…

Step 2

Dental Impressions for Smile Set Up

Did we tell you can create your own dental impression with our at home Dream Smile Box™? Order Straight My Teeth’s impression kit which contains enough material to take 4 impressions. It comes with Postage to and from you, Orthodontist Prescription, Disposable Gloves, Cheek Retractor. With your impressions we create a Smile projection for you along with your complete treatment plan.

Step 3

Get. Set. Align.

Once you get onboard with your new smile, you can order Aligners that are made to mould your teeth into new position. No Doctor visits or messy braces required. Go about your day while the aligners do their job. and voila! Your dream smile will be attainable in about 6 to 14th Months.


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